Zombie Hunter Mod : Apocalypse v3.0.22 Apk is Here

Zombie Hunter Mod

Zombie Hunter Mod – The new Real zombie war game with incredible 3D designs. You will probably get by from the undead end of the world in this first-individual living dead shooter. Demolish the influxes of zombies before the contamination spreads and the zombie tidal wave gets relentless. Alter the zoom in your rifle, keep your finger on the trigger and make marvelous headshots. Would you be able to stop the scourge and be the genuine zombie tracker?

Mod Info

1. Infinite Gold

2. Infinite Money

FPS1 action in this zombie shooter game: A game with a combination of weapons, procedure and butchery zombie style. Assume responsibility for an expert rifleman and tidy up the lanes of the walking dead’s. Killing zombies and stop the zombie attack, prepare the firearms and release the slaughter! Remain alarm to the actions of the undead, select your objective, point with precision and shoot. Annihilate swarms of living dead, with straightforward developments of your finger you should wreck your adversaries! 

Consistently tallies, and a slug in the opportune time will be the contrast between a living human and a living dead. Overhaul your shooting arms stockpile and increase their damaging force with the rewards that you win on every mission. Utilize your expert marksman rifle, slaughter each one of those waves of zombie and become a definitive battle executioner. Point quicker, shoot better! 

The crowd of living deads is coming and the zombie attack is practically unstoppable, would you say you are prepared to be a definitive zombie assassin and stop the undead waves? Will you come out alive to spare the world and forestall the impending apocalypse? Lift your capability and free the universe of this plague of zombies. Select your dead objective, hit and shoot! 

Shoot a hail of slugs with your ground-breaking weapons and free the universe of this plague of zombies. Utilize the bazooka to annihilate huge swarms of living dead. Bring passing to the dead and survive in this Z-war! 



A zombie shooter game with stunning 3D environments and graphics, missions accessible in various classes: Campaign, Weapons Test, Speedy Zombies, Super Zombies… 

Intense action stuffed ghastliness game through special guides: Infested City, Abandoned Theme Park, Dead Port, Arctic… 

The zombie apocalypse is claiming your aptitudes, so put yourself into the dead zone and stop the undead tsunami in the best shooting zombie experience. 


Investigate and appreciate selective helicopter missions: fly over the zombie frontiers, kill crowds of undead and destroy this infection of zombie. 

Extraordinary Event: Be a zombie! The jobs have exchanged, you can stroll as one of the undead. Leave the burial ground, make your zombie protection, get the people and feed on their delicious brains in a new zombie epic battle. 

Superzombies missions where you need to execute the zombie managers. Utilize the expert marksman tools like the radar to find them before they eat up the helpless residents. All kind of zombies are in this living dead shooting action simulator! 

Make your own guides and difficulties in the mission editor and offer with your Facebook and Google Play companions. Become a game plan in this FPS and shooting game! 


Incredible and deadly weapons: Sniper Rifles (Barret M82, M90, Dragunov…), Machine Guns, Assault Rifles (AK-47, M16…), Rocket Launchers … and exceptional weapons, for example, crossbows or futuristic marksmen. 

Update your gear, increase their harm force, range or firing rate to slaughter this zombie flare-up. Lift your capability and thrashing the zombie armed force! 

Attempt the shot chance to accomplish headshots and be the best Zombie Catcher in a new zombie action game. 

Level up your military position and gain admittance to increasingly amazing rigging and contraptions to annihilate the zombies waves. 

Your wild canines are ravenous and don’t uncertainty to slaughter any living dead, so let them go to the Zombie War in a new 3D the undead executioner game! 

Have you at any point felt the fear so close? Look at the official game video to the zombie 1 game in Google Play!: 





What’s New: 

+ Support to 64-bit and Android 9 devices

+ New Zombie Girl

+ Performance improvements

+ Minor bug fixes


Zombie Hunter Mod

Zombie Hunter Mod Zombie Hunter Mod

Download Zombie Hunter Mod : Apocalypse v3.0.22 Apk is Here

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