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LockMyPix PRO v5.1.3.1 [Secure tool] Apk is Here

LockMyPix PRO

Our cell phones consistently have a ton of mysteries that don’t need anybody to see. Thus, the security organizer application begins to show up and ensure everybody’s information. Regardless of whether it’s an outsider or any individual who has the telephone of another person. There is a requirement for tight organizer security to try not to be abused for pernicious purposes.

However the most conspicuous application in the security of all client information. Particularly recordings or photographs, is LockMyPix. The application is valued for its security. And it utilizes the best military-grade security. Even numerous individuals use it to ensure everything about themselves. Regardless of whether it’s an individual photograph, a report, or a video. Simply the picture or video design, this application will secure all, nobody yet you can see it.  


The application has an expertly planned interface, carries a suspicion that all is well and good to users. And it utilizes straightforward tones to make ease of use. The interface of the application can likewise change to various sorts relying upon the style of every client. Additionally, the landing page will be the place where the client contains the photographs, recordings, and they are masterminded by the time taken. The interface will likewise classify the information that users have. Also partition it into different classifications, for example, photographs, recordings, or sound.

In addition users just need to play out a couple of basic strides to get to other information classes on the gadget. Obviously, the application will likewise have client settings, permitting to change the interface settings, making it safer and predominant. 

Store recordings and photographs:  

The application will naturally change the way to save your photographs and recordings subsequent to being introduced. All pictures, video, or sound subsequent to downloading or catching. They will be moved here. Like the information before you introduce this application. They will likewise be incorporated, and move to there, leaving your assortment unfilled.

 Subsequent to introducing the application. The client will set the most proper secret phrase to keep others from getting to it. The application likewise can make a bait for users on the off chance that they are compelled to open an organizer. Indeed, the bait will just contain peculiar pictures. Which don’t show up on your gadget, and they additionally have a positive reason for making others less dubious. All in all, the imitation element is the most remarkable component of this application. 

Multi-facet passwords:  

Users consistently feel unreliable at whatever point they loan telephones since they can know the client’s recognizable passwords. Likewise so the application upholds staggered security features empowered. Users can add security structures, for example, photographs, fingerprints, PIN codes simultaneously. While transferring photographs to interpersonal organizations, the application will request a secret phrase from the client each time the photograph transfer is performed. 

Quit getting spied – Start your new protection!  

The application’s security interaction will scramble all client information, from which applications with noxious purpose, for example, taking client information will be impaired. LockMyPix is evaluated as a standout amongst other security applications for users, when it utilizes the most progressive security framework to guarantee the wellbeing for users and their information.


LockMyPix PRO v5.1.3.1 [Secure tool] Apk is Here

LockMyPix PRO




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