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Daily Music – Sad music and touching melody

Daily Music 

Daily music – Premium Apk Mods has risen to publish every day a music video that aims to entertain and delight the soul .. Put your headphone and enjoy

Definition of music –  is one of the types of vocal arts resulting from a mixture of singing and playing musical instruments in a harmonious manner according to specific melodies and rhythms.

 Throughout history, music has been credited with the ability to express different human feelings and emotions; with joy, sadness, longing, and love, as its use has evolved In modern societies in psychotherapy and the treatment of aging, because of its ability to influence human behavior. 

Music can be considered the language of the world; it is an art that has a prominent place in ancient and modern history, and philosophers and thinkers considered it an important element in understanding the universe and its secrets, and the music went and evolved In different eras and different civilizations; ancient Kalmbarh, Greek, European, and others, and became a science like any other applied sciences.

Musical instruments

  • Musical instruments appeared and developed with the beginnings of man, and they continued to develop in successive civilizations to this day. Musical instruments can be divided into four different categories, as follows:
  • Percussion Instruments: The player uses the hands to set the rhythm, such as drums, tambourines, and bells. 
  • Wind instruments: These are the machines we need to blow into their windpipes to get the sound of music, such as a flute, trumpet, and oboe.
  • Stringed instruments: They are the instruments that make their sounds as a result of hitting the strings attached to their crates, such as the lute, the rabbit, and the harp.
  • Keys: Instruments that are based on the idea of ​​pressing special keys to make the sound of music, such as piano and accordion.

The importance of music in our lives

    1. Many studies have found that music has many positive benefits and effects on mental and physical health. 
    2. Among the most important of these effects are the following: 
  1. Improving mood, developing emotions, and creating happiness. Reducing stress and anxiety, and helping to relax. 
  2. Improve memory in cases of strokes.
  3. Pain relief.
  4. Provide comfort, and enhance the ability to express feelings.
  5. Improving cognition, especially for Alzheimer’s patients. 
  6. Improving the social response of autistic patients.

Put your headphone and enjoy

Download Daily music – Sad music and touching melody

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