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Daily Movies – قرش متحول يجلب الدمار على اليابسة! فيلم مغامرات/رعب/كوارث

Daily Movies

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Health benefits:
Research indicates that there are many health benefits of watching movies. Especially horror movies, and one of the most prominent of these benefits is weight loss. Indeed according to research conducted by researchers at Westminster University in Britain. For example, watching a horror movie for an hour and a half is sufficient to burn the same amount of calories within half an hour of walking.

Learning languages:
Learning languages ​​through films is one of the most effective methods, and it is always recommended by teachers. Absolutely to achieve the best result, you must watch the film translated into your native language with the text of the film in its original language. Then write down the words that you did not know their meaning on a sheet of paper with their translation. So as long as you like the movie you are watching, you will not forget the words. It is always advisable to start with simple films.

Spread awareness and deliver messages:
What distinguishes films from other methods of spreading awareness, is that they are not a boring way to raise awareness. But rather they convey the message to the viewer in a fun way.  Besides with examples in front of him that make him more affected. It is one of the most touching films that I find that may change your outlook on life.

Learn about countries’ cultures:
If you are someone who intends to travel in the future. Films are the best way to learn about customs, traditions, cultures, and ways of interacting with the people of other countries. Also watching many films in a particular country makes you feel that you are now living in it. Like films are considered as a mirror that reflects the lives of peoples and their cultures.

Instilling values ​​in children:
What children see plays a very big role in the building of their personality and behavior and the uniting of values ​​in them, so it is always necessary for parents to choose the films that their children watch with great accuracy and warning and to stay away as much as possible from everything violent so that the effect does not become negative.

Daily Movies enhance Entertainment and happiness:

Daily movies – Fun is a primary function of cinema, so watching movies can help relieve depression. However, to enjoy the movie as much as possible, always try to watch it with friends. Because discussion always increases the fun, and of course, watching the movie in the cinema gives special pleasure. Always remember to preview the story and the quality of the film before watching it so that you choose what suits your taste.

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